Annelisa’s focus since her childhood in Santa Cruz, CA has been pushing the art farther than the standards it was accustomed to. Born in to a family of artists, she was always drawing since day one. On walls, napkins and any blank space she could find. It soon translated to a lifetime of art. 

She graduated in 2003 from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia with a BFA in Illustration. Taking photos, doctors notes and descriptions of surgeries then transforming them into detailed illustrations that could show doctors a new way to look at issues. She left the medical community to pursue tattooing but still takes select calls from the medical community when they need specific pieces. 

Tattooing was the next obvious move. Taking her education and career creating complex scientific drawings and over a decade of oil painting, she dove in to the trade of tattooing. Her work now ranges from brushstrokes to highly detailed botanical drawings. Her portfolio is derived from a true love of the work. 

The difference is in her compassion. She puts a great deal of time posturing the art onto the body and devotes more effort matching the composition to the body. Her clients get to watch her take their ideas, random pictures and notes then translate them into tattoos with the same intensity as in the medical pieces she creates. The baseline of all her work is the same, to push expectations and have fun doing it.